FAQ - tell me about Lars Bonnesen (click here for pics)


The best way to give you a picture of me, is to list some Q and A's on general topics. Remember that you can always use the buttons at the top of these pages to navigate through this site.

When were you born?
I was born on 19683103 in Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark.

Where do you live?
I live about 66 kilometers from Copenhagen in a small town called Sdr. Jernløse.

Are you a nerd?
Well, what is the definition of the word "nerd"? In my teenage years, I had my keys hanging in my belt on my trousers. I never could dream of lying to the teacher. I always did my homework. All my spare time, I spent with computers (remember the ZX Spectrum?). But I did not have black, goofy glasses taped together and water combed hair. Later, at high school, I mostly did music. Never spent time on girls, party or for that sake did not do a lot of homework. So you ask if I am a nerd? Well, if you ask my wife, she will say yes.

Which link do you prefer the most?
This is a really good one.

What is the name of your primary school?
In Denmark, primary school is minimum 9 years. I attended my 9 years at "Skolen på Duevej".

What are your favorite music?
It is actually difficult to say. If I have to mention some, it would be Michael McDonald, Bob James/Fourplay Marcus Miller, David Sandborn, Chaka Khan and Mariah Carey. I can listen to the song "Keep Forgetting" by Michael McDonald over and over again - endlessly.

What are your worst kind of music?
Rap conversions of
"Keep Forgetting" and the soundtrack from "Sound of Music".

Which book was the best you have read?
DOS 3.3 manual. A book definitively without any feelings. To be honest, it is one of the only books that I really understood.

Which movie and actor do you like the most?
I like totally wacko movies like "Dumb Dumber" (really dumb), "Airplane", "Police Squad!" and the actors Leslie Nielsen and Jim Carrey. Another good one is "Stepmom" - a movie definitively with a lot of feelings.

Which languages do you speak?
My mother tongue is Danish. I write and speak Danish almost perfectly. I can communicate fully with our neighbors (Norway and Sweden), and I write and speak English fairly. German I haven't used for some time. French... well even though I was taught French for three years at high school (Falkonergården), I never ever learned how to speak the language.

Søgeord: jyderup holmstrup jyderup holmstrup lars bonnesen duevej falko falkonergården lars bonnesen duevej falko falkonergården