Various pictures of me and my surroundings


The pictures below are a kind of "headlines" for a sub page. If you would like to see more pictures of the same kind, you can click on each pictures and go to its sub page.


My family

Take a look at my family album. On the picture to the left you see my grandfather, Ole Bonnesen.

My house

This is where I live. We have been told that one of the previous owner moved it from either England or Scotland piece by piece in order to rebuild it where it stands now.


My Car

Here you can read about the cars I have owned up till now, which is Mercedes, Mazda and a German Ford

My road

Well... at least an ancestors road (-;

Snowy pictures

Here you will find a set of pictures that my wife took during the winter 00/'01.

The children plays on newly fallen snow and they build a snowman